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We Are A Collective

Four Suits Co. is a creative studio with a focus in magic. Our team consists of sleight-of-hand and mentalist performersOSCP specialists, visual artists, and product designers; with additional individuals and organizations working with us on a project-to-project basis. While our skills and backgrounds are diverse, we have a shared mission: to introduce fresh, engaging, and thoughtful experiences of magic to the world.

Our team is currently focused on work in the following... 

  • Partnering with venues to create alternative, unexpected, and magical experience for their guests.

  • Production design and effect creation for magicians.

  • Targeting innovative structures of play within casino environments.



From close-up performances and stage acts at nightclubs or private events to filling a theatre for our full-length stage productions, our team has done it all. With international performance credits ranging from The Magic Castle, SoHo House, and Black Rabbit Rose (Hollywod, CA), to Amaze in Tchaiovna (Prague, CZR) and The West End Lounge and Rogue's Magic Gallery (New York, NY), our team has the ability to make any performance engagement unforgettable. 


Skilled in the deceptive arts as well as advantage and alternative play at table games, we offer our detective skills for those on the look out for the swindlers among us. We have offered our unique toolkit to those seeking to secure games in a variety of settings, ranging from serious home games to formally established venues and tournaments.

Production Consultation

Imparting our skills is one of our greatest passions, whether we are performing ourselves or developing the performances of others. We offer private consultation sessions in a variety of magic applications and have launched the careers of sleight-of-hand card magicians, mentalists, and occult practitioners, many of which you already know.

Additionally, we have offered our consultation services to cinematic and theatrical projects, with credits ranging from film-set consultation in magic effects to hand doubling for object and card manipulation. We serve those wishing to formally incorporate magic into their projects, or simply those interested in adding an element of the impossible.