Performers (L-R) — Jackson “Jax” Ridd & Zac Young

Performers (L-R) — Jackson “Jax” Ridd & Zac Young

ALTÆR: An Interactive Seance Experience
from 10.00

Event Description

Four Suits invites all those willing to an evening of ritual, communion, and strange magic. After two years of development for private audiences, we invite you, the public, to enter the ALTÆR.
This event has a strict dress code (further details will be provided upon ticket purchase) and is for participants 21 years and older.



Doors will unlock at 8pm, and no admittance will be allowed after 8:30pm.


The address, located in the Hollywood Hills, will be provided upon purchase of a ticket.

Ticket Option:

STANDING… $10: Stand beyond the tabled area, witness the events that transpire.

SITTING… $45: Sit at the table with our mystic, magician, and other connected guests. This ticket tier includes an elixir to be imbibed, and ritual to partake in, prior to the experience.

FEELING… $75: Sit at the table and connect with our mystic and magician, you will experience unique events directly created for you and you alone. Includes an elixir to be imbibed prior to the experience, a unique ritual, and a sacrament to be consumed during the experience.

KNOWING… $150: You will not only directly experience visceral moments of magic throughout the evening, our VIP experience allows you to sit directly next to our mystic or magician, and you will partake in the most powerful element of magic throughout time: a true secret. Includes an elixir to be imbibed prior to the experience, a sacrament to consumed during the experience, and a one-of-a-kind token to take to your home.

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