Those Little Circles

Dear (Magical?) Reader -- 

     Hey, you know those little circles that are tied up? (This is a post explicitly for a specific subset of magicians, btw) It blows my mind how little actual literature/instructional video there is on the usage of them. I was in The Library the other night, and found literally three instances of instruction. One was a DVD that included a lot of direct variation/riffing of Mesika’s work, another was the classic Mesika work with Finn, and another was a simple, but cool, idea on a card-change by Justin Miller.  Counting another instance I found of a Morelli lecture, and that Guerilla’s DVD that came out way back, there’s been surprisingly little innovation on the usage of these items since the time they first dropped.
     What’s the answer to this lull, you say? Well, we’re releasing an instructional .PDF on the matter, at the same time probably restructuring our “commerce” section of the site to be specifically for magicians/those invested in the art, so that we can better serve the interests of those who come here specifically for how-to magic material, and those who come here for entertainment or our other services. 

Happy New Year!

-- J.R. + The 4SM Team

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