Take a Break!

Happy holidays, whichever ones you celebrate, as long as you’re using this sacred time of vacation-taking and general festivities to take a well deserved break and have some bangin’ parties (and, like, connect with your loved ones, or whatever).

There will be a year-in-review post coming after the new year, but first we just wanted to say a big thank you to everyone who we have worked with this year. (There are too many excellent names to call out individually but you know who you are. Especially you in the back. You didn’t think we’d remember you but we did, and we are thanking you specially.)

As J.R. already mentioned in another post, the past month or so have been quite a wild ride for a lot of us here (so expect the blog irregularity to continue at least for the short term). Luckily that wildness (read “stress”) has carried with it a lot of new and exciting ideas and projects we are excited to pursue in 2019 (a year in which, according to Wikipedia, only one person thinks the Apocalypse will occur due to the second coming of Christ, but even he has “expressed some doubts” about it, so we are feeling goood baby!).

So to all of you out there doing good work: keep it up! We are grateful for every single person who is willing to treat magic with the care and thought it deserves. For all of you out there doing bad work: just, like, cut that shit out man… Do good magic. We believe in you.


Four Suits