We Aren’t the Only Ones

We spend a lot of time on this site trying to think about magic differently. Trying to find new ways of presenting it, new ways of giving it meaning, new ways of using it to give other experiences reality. Every once and a while we discover other people on similar journeys, and it can be invigorating to see and hear and experience the things they have learned along the way.

Although these people aren’t magicians per se, their journeys in an allied art are similar, and the lessons they have learned are enlightening, so here’s to the incredible world of avant garde juggling:

Playing with visual and auditory rhythms in time and space. "My attempt is to make visual instruments ."

"Well that’s what juggling is about, right? It's being able to do something that other people can't do or can't understand." - Michael Moschen

Lasting physical representations of momentary sensations. "An object that would leave a concrete path of where it's been as you manipulate it."

And sometimes the just plain strange.

— Z.Y. 

Four Suits