Rogues Village at DEFCON 27: RECAP


Thank you to all the guests we had in Rogues Village at DEFCON this year. It was amazing to see so many new friends and familiar faces at the con. Another huge shoutout to everyone who made it possible; the leads at DEFCON who helped us throughout the way, Zant, Nikita, and F4UX; the folks at Modern Rogue, Brian, Jason, and David; everyone on the Four Suits team & associates, JR ZY HA BM AE, and all the new friends we made at the village!

If you’re reading this after meeting us in Vegas, this is where we share some of our thoughts on some of the experimental fields of magic that we inhabit. Hackers may find this post interesting: Security & Magic

We’ll be back to our regular programming beginning next week,

-- J.R.