Holding our breath

Hey all, thanks for staying patient in the interim. We’ve got some big plans going on for Halloween and the Winter season thereafter… by the way, have you ever heard of Diehl Marcus & Co? What about Drunken Devil events? You never know what you might find, or whom you might encounter at their events this Halloween season… 🎃

Polygraph, the most recent event we worked on, was a big hit at the Sofitel in Beverly Hills, and TAME at The Montalban theatre in Hollywood was quite the show prior.

We’re currently in the works on some very fun new projects as well (congrats to ZY and MS for their debut experience last night, relatedly) which all should be coming to fruition very soon, so we appreciate you holding your breath with us as we dive deeper into the work.


— J.R.

Jax Ridd