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Mea culpa.

We’ve been out of the office for the past few weeks wandering the streets in Vegas bleary-eyed and intoxicated with professional conferences in Vegas. One of those unexpected conference tables we found were the table games.

In honor of that work we were exploring there, and in the spirit of leading up to publishing an insightful, entertaining interview which we had with RxGamble while we were in town, (transcribing and editing currently) we share with you some resources we’ve found while researching A.P. work. Take a look and if you find something you like, let us/them know. 

A.P. Street (Website | Twitter) -- "Lee Jensen". A great overview of A.P. Good for the beginner to learn more about this world. 
RxGamble (Website | Twitter) -- "Miss Brown". Fantastic stories from the inside. Extremely adept at finding and exploiting physical zero-days. 
Count Everything (Twitter) -- Anonymous. Bite-sized vegas observations with a current focus on slot hustling. 
Meltz Vegas (WebsiteTwitter) -- Anonymous. General Vegas updates and insights. 

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