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Village Description:


Rogues Village is a place to explore alternative approaches to existing security concepts by looking to non-traditional areas of knowledge. Incorporating expertise from the worlds of magic, sleight of hand, con games, and advantage play, this village has a special emphasis on Social Engineering and Physical Security. Talks will cover topics ranging from secret communication methods used by nineteenth century mediums to physical techniques of a modern pickpocket. Demos and workshops will also give attendees hands-on opportunities to experience these non-traditional methods.


The Rogues Village will be located in Carson Room 2 of the Flamingo Hotel Convention Center, Las Vegas (3555 S Las Vegas Blvd, Las Vegas, NV 89109), Friday August 9 through Sunday, August 11.


Friday, August 9.

1000: Village Opens

1400-1500 Presentation:
Modern Rogue
Brian Brushwood of the Modern Rogue discuss some of their unique applications of and approaches to being a Rogue in the present day.

1600-1700 Presentation:
James Harrison, a magician and stage pickpocket, demonstrates his skills and shows us how we can apply some of these principles to larger approaches in Social Engineering.

1700-1800: Stage Pickpocketing Workshop with James Harrison. Space will be limited. Sign-up is available here.

1800: Village Closes

Saturday, August 10.

1000: Village Opens

1400-1500 Presentation:
A Life of Advantage Play
J.R. from Four Suits will interview rx gamble, a professional gambler who has earned her living beating casinos. An advantage player, she is focused on finding the flaws and gaps in casino game procedures that allow the careful player to gain an edge. With thousands of hours spent on games like poker, blackjack, and more, she will discuss some of the physical techniques, psychological ploys, and oddities of casino history that make it possible to beat the odds.

Experience coded communication w/ our presentation “Verbal Steganography”

Experience coded communication w/ our presentation “Verbal Steganography”

1600-1700 Presentation:
Verbal Steganography

Four Suits Co. presents a talk on (and demonstration of) live stenographic communication. Boiled down to its simplest form, that means all the ways two or more people can secretly, and in an analog way, communicate with each other. This includes physical and verbal codes as well as memory systems and shortcuts that allow large amounts of information to be remembered and transferred from person to person.

1700-1800: Verbal Steganography Workshop with Four Suits Co. Space will be limited. Sign-up is available here.

1800: Village Closes

Sunday, August 11.

1000: Village Opens

1200-1300 Presentation:
Lockpicking “Extras”
Not a how-to, Jared Dygert will cover things like pick concealment, creating your own picks, alternatives to traditional lockpicks (found or improvised picks), what different picks are best for, and more. Jared is an avid lock enthusiast, rock climber, and gamer. He's been picking locks ever since he was a kid and has no intention of stopping.

1400: Village Closes

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Village Team:

  • Four Suits Co.

    • J.R.

    • Z.Y.

    • H.A.

  • Modern Rogue

    • Brian Brushwood

    • Jason Murphy

  • Independent

    • James Harrison

    • B. M.

    • rx gamble

    • Jared Dygert


“What is Defcon?”

DefCon is one of the largest and longest running hacking conferences in the world, taking place annually in Las Vegas. More than 20,000 participants attended last year to listen to cutting edge talks and experience newly released tools and exploits.

“What is a Village?”

A major part of DefCon are its 'villages,' individual rooms at the conference dedicated to specific topics such as IoT, WiFi security, lock picking, bio-hacking, and many, many others.

“What is Four Suits co.?”

Four Suits Co. is a creative studio with a focus in magic. Our team consists of sleight-of-hand and mentalist performers, OSCP specialists, visual artists, and product designers. While our skills and backgrounds are diverse, we have a shared mission: to introduce fresh, engaging, and thoughtful experiences of magic to the world.

“What is Modern Rogue?”

Modern Rogue is a collaboration between Brian Brushwood and Jason Murphy. For 10 years they've explored, tested, and demystified all things underhanded, dangerous, and badass, first on Scam School, then Hacking the System, and now Modern Rogue.