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Out of Mind by Ariel Shrum [Instant Download]

Created by Ariel Shrum, “Out of Mind” is an effect based on Dai Vernon’s classic “Out of Sight, Out of Mind." After a card is thought of, the deck is mixed and the magician begins cutting off packets of cards. The participant stops the magician wherever they want and there at that spot their card is found.

Ariel has updated the effect to be more streamlined and impactful, including some of his own subtleties, handling, and performance notes.

Total running time: 13 minutes. Approximate download size: 221 mb.

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Down Memory Lane [PDF]

     A new release from Zac Young, Down Memory Lane presents three different approaches to mentalism, providing effects based on memory manipulation as well as classic mind reading. Capable of playing to anything from a casual gathering with friends all the way to a formal parlor performance, each of these effects is designed to amaze.

     Almost totally propless, these effects assume some existing mentalism experience and skills, but put them to use in new and clever ways.

Included effects are:

  • Total Recall: a pseudo-NLP demonstration where the performer influences a participant’s memory.
  • Playing with Frank: a pseudo-hypnotism routine where a participant is made to instantly forget things they just saw.
  • Left-brain Synthesis Demonstration: a demonstration of impossible skill to determine a thought-of number followed by pure mind-reading.

     This .pdf is made available via an instant download immediately after your purchase is fulfilled. 

Note: One effect requires an iPhone to perform.

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Pentalism (Pre-Order)

This item is currently on PRE-ORDER (Shipping Winter 2019). Each pen is hand-crafted, so stock will be created on a rolling basis. If you want to be one of the first to own this unique magic utility, pre-order today!

Introducing Pentalism! This innocuous, everyday-looking ballpoint pen can be carried around with you wherever you go, so that you're prepared to perform amazing mentalism effects anytime, anywhere.

Due to a unique system we've crafted alongside the pen itself, created by our very own Zac Young, the performer is able to discern characteristics from the spectators handwriting, allowing the performer to deduce previously unknown information. The possibilities are endless!

Each unit will ship with TWO pens and an instructional booklet. 

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M.O. Wallet
20.00 30.00

A built-in mental selection effect, with a unique out for each outcome. These wallets were custom produced in a limited run by Mighty Wallets, and designed by Jackson "Jax" Ridd and Thomas Neal, in collaboration with Pinky Count Magic.

While the wallets can be used for the included mental selection effect, they may be woven in as the finale to numerous other routines, and include such magic classics as a custom Hofzinser card by Jeremy "Gaff Guy" Hanrahan.

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